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Super Collagen Cream is a nourishing facial moisturizer formulated with our patented Dipeptide-8 to deliver our highest concentration of micronized collagen to skin's top layer.
Amplifies hydration with Dipeptide-8 micronized collagen formula deeply moisturizes with a complex of olive, rapeseed and jojoba oils.
Brightens with vitamin C derivatives.
Protects skin from free-radical damage that accelerates signs of aging. 50g


Dipeptide-8: Developed by DHC scientists in Japan, this patented peptide is a smaller skin-firming collagen molecule that instantly absorbs to deliver maximum hydration.
Olive fruit oil: Rich in antioxidants, it maintains the skin's moisture barrier and helps fight damage caused by free radicals without clogging pores. 
Jojoba oil: This easily absorbed oil derived from a desert shrub moisturizes and conditions the skin.
Sodium hyaluronate: Easily absorbed nutrient, antioxidant, and moisturizer.
Rapeseed oil: Emollient oil rich in vitamin E, which protects skin against free radicals.
Tocopherol (vitamin E): Antioxidant.

DHC Super Collagen Cream


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