Arabic: قاعدة حساء نودلز

Description: Soup base for noodles

Brand: Sempio

Country of Origin: South Korea

Barcode: 8801005943116


You can make delicious soup without the seasoning without worrying about domestic spicy ingredients properly. We are concerned about oak fried bonito, domestic kelp, and plums, and added deep and rich flavor to sampyeo brewed soy sauce. Buckwheat buckwheat per serving, please use the ratio of 2 tablespoons of water ½ cup to the national market. Please adjust the usage according to taste or cooking.
How to use
- Buckwheat buckwheat per serving, diluted with a ratio of 2 tablespoons of water to ½ cup water is used.
- You can use it for a variety of dishes such as buckwheat noodles, trays of manguksu, and cold bibimbap udon.


Soup Base Soba 350ml