Arabic: كعكة الجبن الناعم بالقهوة المجمد

Description: Experience famous Japanese Style Soft Cheese Cake with deep mocha flavor. It is extremely moist and soft. Buy one box and keep in the freezer to eat anytime. It thaws within a minute in a room temperature. Tastes great as it is and when it is heated for 30 seconds on microwave. Try QKO number one bestseller today.

Brand: Samlip

Country of Origin: South Korea

Barcode: 8801068094916


Soft Cheese Cake Mocha 50g

  • We store Soft Cheese Cakes in -18 degree celcius, however the cakes are fine for two weeks in a chiller temperature upto 10 degree celcius. No need to heat up to eat. Once it is thawed for 2 minutes, it tastes perfect as it is. The reason the manufacturer produced this cake for -18 degree celcius is to keep it fresh and to avoid typical additives or preservatives cakes have in ingredient lists. Enjoy!