Thailand's ChaTraMue does not only speciallizes in the art of tea blending - this is because of its product, Thai Mixed Coffee. This country is among the top coffee producers in the world, so it is no surprise that a tea company with more than 70 years of established experience has perfected as well the art of coffee blending. The expertise of ChaTraMue's tea masters ensure that coffee products making out of its production line is another fine signature blend. In fact, Thai Mixed Coffee is the most favorite in Thailand because of its superior smell, taste and aroma.


PREPARATION FOR A TASTEFUL DRINK OF THAI MIXED COFFEE (HOT/COLD) STEP 1: Add 2 teaspoons of Thai mixed coffee to 200ml of hot water. STEP 2: Stir it well and wait for 3-5 minutes (no boiling is required) then drain the mixed coffee with a sifter/strainer. STEP 3: Add sugar for serving O'Lieng or add condensed milk and evaporated milk for serving hot coffee or iced coffee.

ChaTraMue Original Thai Coffee Mix 400g