Arabic: كوب الكمتشي


FRESH & SPICY KIMCHI FLAVOR - With this kimchi-flavored, Korean-style ramen, you don't have to sacrifice taste for speed. The soup offers a fresh, spicy flavor and features fried kimchi to reproduce the taste of authentic kimchi stewTASTY INGREDIENTS - Other tasty ingredients include high-grade noodles, mush-rooms, and Bok choyCONVENIENT ON-THE-GO MEAL - Only takes minutes to cook using hot water or the microwave for a hot snack or delicious meal anytimeRECYCLABLE BOWL - Microwave safe BPA free bowl container allows you a safe and convenient meal that is easy to prepare and recycleMICROWAVE SAFE CUP- Safe and convenient meal that is easy to prepare.

Brand: Nongshim

Country of Origin: South Korea

Barcode: 8801043028158

|BOX| Cup Noodle Kimchi (75gX12)